Our Approach

One Square Mile

At the Hantz Foundation, we focus all efforts and resources into sustaining one square mile neighborhood on the eastside of Detroit by working with school partners to create educational pathways. Pathways that will lead to success and future opportunities.

Our square mile approach is all about taking personal ownership for success. We believe this will impact the community in a hands-on way—one that is sustainable, engaging, and truly impactful.

Equity & Empowerment

Through community engagement, multiple resources, and continual support, we work to ensure that every individual has equal access to career and educational opportunities.

Transformative Education

Education is more than just what happens in the classroom. With access to a wide range of opportunities, students gain the knowledge that will set them up for success whatever path they take.

Economic Opportunity

By developing career-readiness skills that fit a direct need in the job market, community members are able to fill positions in high-demand industries in Detroit and become top candidates for local employers.

Livable Community

We strive to find ways to improve the living environment for residents within the square mile and work together to create a safe, beautiful, and flourishing community.

Accessible Transportation

We advocate for reliable transportation and break down barriers that stand in between our community members and success to ensure that no opportunity is out of reach.


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