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The Hantz Foundation: Who we are

We are committed to enhancing the lives of the residents on the East-side of Detroit through education, health and beautification of the city. By focusing on one square mile at a time the Hantz Foundation is able to help create a sustainable and impactful difference in the lives of people in this community.

"Some things you have to see in order to believe and other things you need to believe in order to see"

- John Hantz


Letter from the President

The Hantz Foundation was established to help Detroit solve problems and seize opportunities faster, and better as a community. Our current focus is on the Eastside of the city. We have developed strong partnerships with governments, businesses, NGO's and private citizens on a variety of health, economic, education and beautification efforts.

As the Foundation grows, we have continued to strengthen our leadership and structure, and have set and accomplished many goals. We continue to foster strong relationships with our Eastside neighbors and continue to explore opportunities that benefit the entire community.

I am extremely proud of what we have established so far, and would love to see it continue beyond my time as President. Thanks to a large number of committed supporters in Detroit and around the country we are working hard to continue to raise more awareness and resources for the Eastside.

Each and every day I spend in the neighborhoods we are partnering with renews my commitment to the importance of our cooperative approach. We have a great deal of work ahead of us, but I know when we all come together to focus on a particular goal, we can all rise with the tides. I would again like to thank our supporters and invite other interested parties to join us in any way you can.



Lauren Hantz
Hantz Foundation, President

Lauren Hantz
President of the Hantz Foundation

The Hantz Foundation in action: Hantz Woodlands Planting Day 2015


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