We’re in This Together

Our school partners are dedicated to creating meaningful change in their neighborhood. They share our belief that community transformation starts with high-quality education. Hantz Foundation partners with local schools for the long term and builds relationships to support educators as they seek to improve student’s lives. Together, we strive to create the best educational and career opportunities in this square mile.

Detroit Enterprise Academy

Detroit Enterprise Academy (DEA) is a free public charter school for grades K-8 that serves over 700 students. Their exceptional teachers are dedicated to academic excellence and preparing students for bright and successful futures. Beyond equipping students to thrive academically, DEA strives to build a school culture where students also develop their character and learn to become outstanding citizens in their community. Learn more about DEA here.

Hutchinson Elementary-Middle School

Hutchinson Elementary-Middle School is a Detroit public school and is home to nearly 500 students grades Pre K-8. Their high-quality team of educators know that by providing an engaging environment, a rigorous curriculum, and consistent support, every student can succeed. Hutchinson offers a 22:1 student to teacher ratio, ensuring that each student feels valued and supported in the learning process. Learn more about Hutchinson here.

Southeastern High School

Southeastern High School provides high-quality education for nearly 200 student from grades 9-12. Southeastern’s skilled team of educators are invested deeply in their students and lead a rigorous college-prep curriculum designed with a newly designed business and entrepreneurship pathway. Learn more about Southeastern High School here.

Our Programs

We invest in long-term partnerships with schools in this square mile, then create and implement programs that provide a solution to their needs and prepare students for rewarding careers. Each of our educational programs are designed for lasting impact; they come with a proven history of success.

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