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USS Detroit on Tour with Southeastern High School

“USS Detroit is an innovative surface combatant designed to operate in littoral seas and shallow water to counter mines, submarines, and fast surface craft threats in coastal regions. The ship's name recognizes the city of Detroit, Michigan, and honors the state's deep ties to the U.S. Navy and the shipbuilding industry.” – US Navy Press Release on USS Detroit

On Monday, October 17, 2016, officers from the USS Detroit spent time visiting with students at Southeastern High School in Detroit to talk about life after high school and different career paths within the United States military.

Following their visit to the school, the crew of the USS Detroit hosted some students from Southeastern High School on their state of the art ship. Students received an overall tour of the ship with USS Detroit crew acting as tour guides. They visited the many different units of the ship and speak with commanding officers, received an overview of the latest technology being used by the U.S. military, and gained an overall understanding of how a military ship operates.

This was a very special trip for those students that are interested in military service after high school where they were able to learn about the application process, the different branches of the military and the different career routes within each branch.